MANUAL 5. monitor WARNING The original AMBERSTAR game discs we supply are guaranteed to be free of virus infections. Only in this way can . Amberstar – Double Barrel Screenshot · Information · 6 reviews · 4 manuals · Cheatcode · 6 weblinks Download one zip file with the 4 game manuals. Amberstar – Double Barrel Screenshot · Information · 6 reviews · 4 manuals · Cheatcode · 6 weblinks · 8 screenshots · 4 boxscans · 3 diskscans.

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In the northeast find 26 Gold and some torches. If you’ve room recruit him as he’s got some useful items.

In the house the southeastern room contains a Chest with Gold, 5 Potions and 2 Scrolls and a vital Piece of Amberstar. Forward to meet a Planthulk to the east and another in the room south of here.

The exit stairs up to Level 1 are in the west.

The water thus released clears this set of rocks and another set further along this passage. To the east also is a Wiseman who’ll assess Identify your possessions for a price. Initially go south past some Rats to discover three torches in a Barrel. Go north and fight Skeletons in the western passage. Look for Donner and give him Bothor’s letter.

Return to take a passage north. Then south again through a door to fight Rats.

Amberstar walkthrough

Entry point manuxl is from the northeast heading west. He wants you to find his ring. Herbs can be bought that offer an “on-line” cure mode. Poor fellow has lost his Bone of Wisdom in Twinlake. For completeness sake go west and north before ambersgar the door south to blast the penultimate set of Firebirds. The player – helped maunal the various adventurers who join the party along the way – must recover the thirteen missing pieces of the Amberstar, the talisman that banished Lord Tarbos initially, to defeat the demon once again.


Come back when your Party is larger and you have the appropriate Wizards. Haul the Party back to head north. More of him later. There are three sets of Skeletons beyond the false wall.

Entry point is in the mid south. North again through two doors. You must now cast an Anti-Magic spell to avoid being Teleported out the caves should you step beyond the rocks. The password is obtained by seeing a Statue in the northeast area of the map. Find a door west and then travel south and west to fight more Goblins at the end of a passage.

These are croquet type hoops that transport the Party, from a central island to the south of Twinlake, to locations that are close to points of interest. In the Kitchen you meet Spike the Dog.

Computer Game Museum Display Case – Amberstar

Rather irrelevant halfway through the game! In return she gives you a Teleport spell that takes you right into the heart of Sansri’s Temple. This is the way to go. As you head amverstar peek into the room east to find three robes. He’s great at Rat eating but I never found anywhere that enabled Animals to be promoted so his Life Points always stayed at I think that you now receive a Scroll. You won’t be able to enter ambrrstar cellar area yet as the Seal on Dreblin’s Signet Ring is required as a pass key.

He’ll then tell you about the Dwarven Crown into which is set a piece of the Amberstar. Ambersatr to the southern passage and use your crowbar on the wall south about 5 squares in from the mahual corner. Through the door and round to fight Skeletons in the south. This way you fight single Bridge Trolls on a random basis. If you have a Rope now is the time to use it otherwise just drop down and take the Hit Points.


She’s got around Hit Points to dispose mabual so I hope you’ve got plenty of Tornado spells or scrolls to use on her. Kevin’s drowning his sorrows in a bar in Illien, the Elven Village, and he can wait for now. Ignore the Teleport in the passage to the south of the door east for now.

There is a door in the southeast of this room that leads to a room with Teleports.

Amberstar – Wikipedia

Before descending go west and through a door north to find 89 Gold and a Gem. These by-pass the closing walls. North again to discover a Staircase down to the next level. Keep north and east to find an empty Flask, Healing Scrolls and other treasure. Abmerstar Graphic presentations come in four types of display.

The light in the central north passage Teleports you to the bottom of a passage in the northeast.

This is located down a passageway which is off the lane opposite the Shop and past the Food Shop. South then east stopping only to bash Skeletons hiding behind a door to the north in the southern centre of the map.

MOCAGH.ORG: Miscellaneous: amberstar manual

The chest is booby trapped so have someone qualified disarm the thing. Once through the room with many pillars you head south and east to go up to the northeast where the Sprites concede defeat. The Swampstation is located in the southwest. To build up some points before going down the Sewers try crossing Amberstag to fight the Trolls that then appear.