: El Wendigo (Spanish Edition) (): Algernon Blackwood, Edibooks: Books. El Wendigo (Spanish Edition) [Algernon Blackwood] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. El Wendigo es una novela de Algernon Blackwood, . This Pin was discovered by Herman Schmitz. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Definitely one of the better “classics” that I have read. To ask other readers questions about The Wendigoplease sign up. La wfndigo nel bel mezzo del Nulla – un nulla di boschi, neve, buio, suoni e odori trasportati dal vento – materializza le loro paranoie. Other than that, and as usual for Blackwood, there were some quite disturbing and effective images, and some unpleasant implications.

There is the tangible fear of mortality in the harsh environment the narrator explores, as well as the fear of a real, physical presence lurking in the darkness, stalking the narrator. Ma, nel dubbio, leggetevelo in una notte di campeggio. So fast, your feet burned away, to be replaced by the animal-like ones that it has. The other intangible fear is what I see as the pre-cursor to Lovecraftian horror. Blackwood deftly leaves the supernatural in the dark, whence it stares at the reader out of its red eyes, not deigning to step into the light and showing us its real shape — and this leaves the reader with the question whether there is a Wendigo outside in the dark forests, or whether there are not rather some people carrying the Wendigo inside themselves.

The Wendigo by Algernon Blackwood. He was very successful, writing at least ten original collections of short stories and eventually appearing on both radio and television to tell them.

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When the party of men splits up, the story then shifts its focus on Simpson and his fellow guide, Defago. As they make camp on the far side of the lake, Simpson notices that usually self-reliant and taciturn Defago seems nervous and uncomfortable. There are other similarities but they feel quite different; the other worldly eeriness of the Willows is quite different than the overall tone in The Wendigo.


To know and to understand is to fear that force, the primal creature that defies explanation: Unfortunately, Blackwood, who was familiar with Lovecraft’s work, failed to return the compliment. The natives know to fear it. Did he feel allured or awed by what Jack London called the Call of the Wild, or was he rather worried by the remoteness of any trace of civilization and security?

El Wendigo – Algernon Blackwood | Livros (Books) | Pinterest | Algernon blackwood

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Not because the writing was bad or because it was cheesy.

The wind had dropped with the sun, and in all that vast world of branches nothing stirred. Detalles del producto Tapa blanda: Two hunters, their guides, and a legend-come-to-life where they are beyond help; isolated in the total and mysterious depth and eternal silence of the ageless backwoods.

Look carefully into the face of your companion. Thankfully, the Classic Horror Lovers group voted on reading this short story as a group. A force that could assume your very form and masquerade as you to your companions–perhaps waiting for its chance to snap them up too. I bought a couple of his volumes for my collection, and added more to my Kindle. I guarantee you will never feel the same about camping outside, once you have read this story.

In Cosmic Indifferentialism, the wilderness is substituted for some eldritch horror from beyond the stars, or some unfathomable, sanity-destroying power that is callous and indifferent to mankind; ants are to humans as humans are to this force. The tension is heightened as the two men bunk for the night and Defago continues to show signs of anxiety growing into fear.

But there are so many other authors who inspired Lovecraft, or who later were wwndigo by Lovecraft, that I had failed to take the time wendifo read.

Quotes from The Wendigo. The author can create a good, which in this case means uncomfortable, atmosphere with fairly simple means. The story built tension well, with an almost minimalist approach to the characters. The story follows the exploits of the divinity student Simpson and his guide, the French-Canadian Defago.

They leave their cook Puck to guard their main camp while the rest split into two groups to cover more ground.


The Wendigo (novella) – Wikipedia

But during the hunt, Defago continues to exhibit strange behavior and asks Simpson if he smells the same odd, pungent, yet somehow fecund scent.

The younger man understood that in a hinterland of this size there might well be depths of wood that would never in the life of the world be known or trodden. This horror classic has some very well-done elements.

Very little detail is alggernon about Doctor Cathcart or Hank, leaving much to the reader to assume analogues between Doctor Cathcart and his nephew Simpson, and likewise Hank and Defago.

Mignan rated it really liked it Shelves: Blackwood does an excellent job of conjuring up the vastness and mystery of the untamed North American wilderness.

The Wendigo

Feb 26, Zlgernon rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed The Wendigo as both the story and the literary structure. Books by Algernon Blackwood. In the middle of the night, Simpson wakes up to find Defago sobbing and shaking in terror.

Feasting on flesh, a Wendigo would give off an odor of decay and corruption. Ver todas las apps de lectura gratuitas de Kindle. Odors and sounds play an important role in this little story. His uncertainty and anxiety over whether or not what he experienced was real colors the entire story.

You might all end up as we did, huddled together, heads under the blankets, hearts pounding, spirits dreading a visit from The Wendigo. A pause followed in which neither of them said anything.

He also wrote fourteen novels, several children’s books, and a number of plays, most of which were produced but not wenfigo. Algernon Blackwood’s classic tale, The Wendigo.

Fear of a great, uncontrollable, unknowable force that the character is hopeless against. I really enjoy wendigo stories, so it was only a matter of time till finally I read this classic. In his late thirties, he moved back to England and started to write stories of the supernatural.