“Sinnett, Alfred Percy,” in The New International Encyclopædia, New York: Dodd, Mead and Co. (). Some or all works by this author are in. First published in Esoteric Buddhism is a practical clue to the meaning of almost all ancient religious symbolism. Sinnett says that the esoteric doctrine. Alfred Percy Sinnett (18 January in London – 26 June ) was an English author and theosophist. This theory recognizes the evolution of the soul as a.

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He was also of a practical and scientific turn of mind, and wished to know more about the laws which governed these manifestations. His son Percy is also listed as an author and born in India. We hold — but then what warrant can you give the world that we are right? These were conducted in the house of a woman medium called Guppy and Sinnett wrote in his diary: The teachings embodied in the present volume let in a flood of light on questions connected with Buddhist doctrine which have deeply perplexed previous writers on the religion, and offer the world for the first time a practical clue to the meaning of almost all ancient religious symbolism.

Is the second principle then anything that we can truly call matter at all? Meanwhile, a better understanding of the whole position than could ensue from a continued prosecution of the inquiry on these lines now, will be obtained by turning first to the processes of evolution by means of which the principles of man have been developed. Sinnett, Alfred percy From Theosopedia.

His wife Patience is 27, and her mother Clarissa Edenson a “Landowner”, is living with them. Hanson, Virginia and George E. Probably the great activity at present of literary speculation dealing with problems that overstep the range of physical knowledge, may also be in some way provoked by that policy, on the part of the great custodians of esoteric truth, of which my own book is certainly one manifestation. The earliest, as also the latest, developed worlds — for the chain itself has grown by degrees — the furthest back, as also the furthest forward, are the most immaterial, the most ethereal of the whole series; and that this is in all ways in accordance with the fitness of things will appear from the reflection that the furthest forward of the worlds is not a region of finality, but the stepping-stone to the furthest back, as the month of December leads us back again to January.

Esoteric Buddhism

But how are we to reconcile statements of this nature with the fundamental principle at the bottom of all occult research which enjoins the neophyte to put his trust in the teaching and guidance of his master absolutely and without reserve? Archaeology has sufficiently demonstrated that the memory of man runs percj vastly further than history has been willing to accept, and the sacred records of once mighty nations, preserved by their heirs, are still more afred of trust.


The proper home of the fourth race, which directly preceded our own, was that continent of which some memory has been preserved even in exoteric literature — the lost Atlantis. It is evidently not with the intention of encouraging any close study of evolution on the very grand scale with which we are dealing here, that the adept authors of the doctrine set forth in this volume, have opened the subject of the planetary chain.

That which has a definite beginning generally has an end also. That influence aimed at a twofold result: How came horses and sheep to be found in company with the huge antediluvians? It never takes the trouble to argue about anything. But, if we go back far enough, we come to a period at which there were no human forms ready developed on the earth. The Mahatma Sibnettwhich generated the controversy that later helped lead to the split of the Theosophical Society were mostly written to Sinnett or his wife Patience.

There is every reason to believe that his familiarity with esoteric science prompted his method, and that the usual restrictions under which he laboured as an initiated occultist, forbade him from saying as much as would really justify it.

The purposes which European science usually has in view would certainly not be answered by that plan, but I think that any one who goes far in the present inquiry will feel that the system of reasoning up from the details of knowledge to general inferences is inapplicable to the work in hand.

Some objection has been raised to the method in which the Esoteric Doctrine is presented to the reader in this book, on the ground that it is materialistic. But Plato was in fetters in attempting to defend his system. Paul Johnson, Initiates of Theosophical Masterspag.

He has attained that love of humanity as a whole which transcends the love of the Maya or illusion which constitutes the separate human creature for the limited being on the lower levels of evolution.

European philosophy, whether concerned with religion or pure metaphysics, has so long been used to a sense of insecurity in speculations outrunning the limits of physical experiment, that absolute truth about spiritual things is hardly recognized any longer by prudent thinkers as a reasonable object of pursuit; but different habits of thought have been acquired in Asia. His father died when he was but five years of age and his mother had to provide for the family.

Sinnett, Alfred percy – Theosopedia

Our first idea of an adept who has achieved the power sjnnett penetrating the tremendous secrets of spiritual nature, is modelled on our conception of a very highly gifted man of science on our own plane. The spiritual monads which are coming round the system on the animal level, pass on to other worlds when they have performed their turn of animal incarnation here.

But till now, in all siinnett cases, sinnettt accordance with the law of those schools, the neophyte no sooner forced his way into the region of mystery than he was bound over to the most inviolable secrecy as to everything connected with his entrance and further progress there.

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When the foregoing chapter of this book was written, I was under the impression that one supreme chief on a different level again exercised authority over these five Chohans, but it now appears to me that this personage may rather be regarded as a sixth Chohan, himself the head of the sixth type of Mahatmas, and this conjecture leads alfged once to the further inference that there must be a seventh Chohan to complete the correspondences which we thus discern.

Although Sinnett was, from time to time, very critical of the administration of the Theosophical Society, he does not appear to have been a very astute person where money was concerned.

Again, there is a curious cyclic law which operates to augment the total number of incarnations beyond perfy Several of the well-known Transactions of the London Lodge are from his pen.

This secret knowledge, in reality, long antedated the passage through earth-life of Gautama Buddha. Wikisource pedcy original works written by or about: And it is because the conditions of that existence are defined by the use that has been made of snnett opportunities in the next, preceding physical existence, that the spiritual earth is often spoken of in occult writing as the world of effects.

In he became assistant sub-editor of the London newspaper The Globe. And these faculties and attributes must be developed by the chela himself, with very little, if any, help, beyond guidance and direction from his master. Faith rated it it was ok Aug 04, The Sinnetts joined The Theosophical Society on 26 December and the Founders met other influential visitors who were to play some part in the affairs of the Society, such as Sinentt A.

The East manages its pupils on a wholly different plan. In all his writings pervy appealed to the intellect of his readers and had a great power of marshalling ideas. In reality the worlds with which we are connected are very unlike each other, not merely in outward conditions, but in that supreme characteristic, the proportion in which spirit and matter are mingled in their constitution.

The real inner meaning of its doctrines has been kept back from uninitiated students, while the outer teachings have merely presented the multitude with a code of moral lessons and a veiled, symbolical literature, hinting at the existence of knowledge in the background. There are, it is true, many isolated mystics in India who are altogether self-taught and unconnected with occult bodies.

His wife Patience is 27, and her mother Clarissa Edenson a “Landowner”, is living with them.