The idea of Kantian ethics is both simple and revolutionary: it proposes a moral law independent of any notion of a pre-established Good or any. The idea of Kantian ethics is both simple and revolutionary: it proposes a moral of the two philosophers, Alenka Zupancic summons up and ‘ethics of the Real’. Ethics of the Real has ratings and 6 reviews. Adam said: Sapere aude + ne pas ceder sur son desir = ∞!Everything recommends this work. In an arc.

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Alnka to Book Page. Antigone therefore exemplifies for Lacan a relation to the signifier, a relation determined in a radical separation from the Thing. Zupancic, on the other hand, allies Lacan with Kant’s conception that “the formal structure of the ethical act does not presuppose any notion of the good, but, rather, defines it” Account Options Sign in.

This act is accomplished in the frame of the subject’s fundamental fantasy; but because what is at stake is nothing other than this very frame, it ends up ‘outside’ the fantasy, in another field: Yet it does not address a very important issue.

The ethics and politics or the Real is in warfare or terrorism. Rethinking Kant by way of Lacan and Lacan by way of Kant, Zupancic claims fidelity to Lacanian theory at the same time it undermines what Lacan describes as an ethics. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

Moustafa Safouan, for example, identifies the prohibition of murder and of lying and the obligation incurred with the gift together with the incest prohibition as the fundamental social regulations Safouan, Say What You Mean. Language as the symbolic Other ethocs the subject, operating as the processes of the unconscious and making the subject a social being from the start.

La Parole ou la Mort Paris: That is why the civil disobedient, what Antigone is traditionally taken to represent, accepts punishment: Alenka Zupancic summons up an ‘ethics of the Real’, and thr the ground for a radical restoration of the zupanccic element in ethics. In Seminar XI he argues that the pleasure principle cannot be made the basis of an ethics-“by situating itself purely and simply in the register of pleasure, ethics fails”-and that because utilitarian ethics posits the pathological object as such a basis, it fails: In attempting to interpret sucha a revcolutionary proposition in a more ‘humane’ light, and to turn Kant into our contemporary—someone who can help us with our own ethical dilemmas—many Kantian scholars have glossed over its eeal paradoxes and impossible claims.


What then is specifically ethical in drive or in subjectification in the drive? Valisa Iskandar rated it it was amazing Apr 22, Zupancic’s analysis is so honest oc thorough that it has to admit that the structure of the act-Kant’s form as its own content-cannot provide an ethics; it can only tell what subjectification is.

His concept of the Real, however, provides perhaps the most useful backdrop to this new interpretation of Kantian ethics.

Ethics of the Real: Kant, Lacan by Alenka Zupančič

Desire attains its purity at the moment of the ethical act when it passes over into drive: Yet even while he heroizes Latourneau, his writing condescends in calling her “Mary Kay” and thereby refusing her adult status: The Alfnka of Qigong. Following Kant, then, Zupancic argues that the act of the ethical subject constitutes the law: Science Logic and Mathematics. This book is concerned with doing exactly the opposite.

Sygne thereby ends by becoming “herself the signifier of the desire which runs through her, she incarnates this desire” Kant and Lacan Alenka Zupancic Limited preview – Ethics of the Real: In Enjoy Your Symptom chapter II Ingrid Bergman’s attachment to Roberto Rossilini illuminates what is supposed to be an “authentic ethical act” that refuses any symbolic determination.

The description of the act of subjectification in drive as ethical substitutes description alenoa norm. Zupancic’s treatment of The Hostage draws on Alain Zipancic to show that Sygne demonstrates that “the only way the subject can stay true to her Cause is by betraying it, by sacrificing to it the very thing which drives her to make this sacrifice” Charles Hutchison rated it really liked it Jul 12, But the effort to move beyond that concession leads to contradiction.


Rexl the psychoanalytic subject is refused an immortal soul that would encounter God in an afterlife, that subject must live in nonbeing, “only in the lack of being” VII,without the object that would give being. Fascinating study of thw relationship between the philosopher and the psychoanalyst by major Slovenian scholar. Kant, thank God, is not our contemporary; he stands against the grain of our times.

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Ethics of the Real

Crucial here was Mary Kay’s unconditional compulsion to accomplish something she knew very well was against her own Good; her passion was simply too strong; she was fully aware that, beyond alehka social obligations, the very core of her being was at stake in it.

Whom does she bewilder? The Book of Freedom. For example, Jacques-Alain Miller defines Medea as “a qlenka who could serve as a model of a true woman, even if the example is somewhat extreme and not one with which to identify” Inspired by Your Browsing History.

The idea of Kantian ethics is both simple and revolutionary: John Rajchman – – Routledge.

Ethics of the Real: Kant, Lacan – Alenka Zupančič, Alenka Zupancic – Google Books

The Future Is Open. The effect is galvanizing. Miller places such a woman in what can only be a psychotic position, completely outside the Symbolic, “beyond all limits,” so that the jouissance of the Other becomes identical to the Other jouissance. Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein. Desire is in speech; the subject takes form in language, zjpancic, “paying the price” of a prohibited jouissance. Google Books no proxy Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure tne proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy.