The Alchemical Tools By Paul Brook – The Alchemical Tools By Paul Brook PDF download your order is download magic product, send via. magic tricks forum – The Effect The Alchemical Tools is not so much an effect as it is a handbook for magicians and mentalists alike. It not only. Download Paul Brook – Alchemical Tools. Description. Download Paul Brook – Alchemical Tools Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Related Products.

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There are over 50 Psychological Methods that are discussed in full detail, as well as powerful, practical psychological advice garnered from his years as a psychologist included in the first pages. They will appear as hyperlinks.

Paul Brook – The Alchemical Tools : Reviews – Books and other printed formats

In particular armed with its advice you will be able to establish better rapport with assisting spectators and your audience and this can only make your performance stronger and more memorable. Top of page ! It is so meticulous, it really opens your eyes to the arsenal of tools you have at your disposal, but have yet to try out.

Products Description Products Description Hello friend. It shows how honest and helpful we are, and it helps to establish our proper ranking here at Alibaba. After some mental calculations the Mentalist writes a secret number onto a piece of paper, then folds it up and gives it to the volunteer. I am a little shocked that he has explained to many things, lessons which have taken me years to realise, and quite simply given you all the answers and solutions to make performing simpler and more enjoyable for you as a performer.


Imagine being able to sit down with a true professional, in every sense of the word, and picking his brains about the real ins and outs of performing for real people in real situations, the rough with the smooth Product Description This tome of pages explains how you can make your magic transform into miracles.

This book can and will change any base metal performance into a polished nugget of pure gold.

Luis de Matos – Utopia

What Paul does however is break this information down into easily digestible chunks or “nuggets” of information. His thought of card effect is the cleanest that I have ever seen, and the thinking behind it is a thing of real genius.

I am proud to have these volumes in my collection of arcane arts…. Switch by Benjamin Earl.

Home Featured Specials All products. An item that has been previously used. If you do not include any cold reading at all, these little gems will inspire you to start doing so. You May Also Like. More than just his psychological techniques, he also hints towards his performance philosophy. Help improve your experience on DHgate. You must be logged in to post a review.


Message Seller Online Chat. When the volunteer opens up the piece of paper, the number sequence of the cards matches the sequence predicted on the paper. Choose a tlols for this item. Quite simply you need to get out and learn through experience to improve and master what we want to perform. The volunteer is asked a number of questions in order to psychologically profile her. Paul takes a lot of his NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming teachings, and shows how you can apply them to not only your magic but also life in general.

Choose a ranking for this item. I’ll let everyone know though whether it leads somewhere or not once I get round to it. This book sold out of the first 1, copies in under ten days time. M Chapter 18 Member Reviews require prior approval before they will be displayed Toolz a ranking for this item. The Mentalist turns around and faces away from the group. You simply click on each link one by one, and accept the download on to your hard drive.