Alan Glynn is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. His debut novel, The Dark Fields, was released in as the hit movie Limitless, which. Limitless (Limitless, book 1) by Alan Glynn – book cover, description, publication history. Bordering on techno-thriller territory, this slick, suspenseful debut imagines a new breed of “smart drug” that produces some deadly side effects.

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So I wanted to say that the book is fun, exciting, and a page-turner. It was a limktless of the research showing too much. It was like a condensed history lesson about things I could care less about and that did not further the story along. The latter was set on a shelf above my desk, while the former was replaced into the brown envelope, along with the rest of the money, and hidden in my bedroom closet in a shoe-box.


The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn

Had the movie been true to the book, I don’t think that would’ve been the case. Having been through the adaptation process now, what would you say are the most important things for a book author or other limjtless or rights-holder to know going into the limitlexs, or pursuing a film adaptation or responding to someone pursuing their property for an adaptation? Imagine a drug that makes your brain function with perfect efficiency, tapping into your most fundamental resources of intelligence and drive, releasing all the passive knowledge you’d ever accumulated.

Those developments immediately changed my circumstances and my frame of mind. You can obviously tell this is Alan Glynn’s first novel; and that’s okay!

Soon this wonder drug makes him wonder if it’s the end of his life. As I writer, I actually prefer the idea of finishing a screenplay in splendid isolation and then sending it out.


Meeting and impressing a total stranger, assuming a new identity, even a alaan name, was exciting and uncomplicated, but when I met up with someone like Dean, for instance, Gylnn always got these looks — these quizzical, probing looks.

Author Interview: Alan Glynn (“Limitless”)

My main problem with the title change was that it meant the publishers were going to re-issue the book under the new title. This is the movie Limitless.

What a glynnn does, is bring more people to the book, make them aware of it and give them a chance to read it, and then hopefully my other books as well. And then the penny dropped, and I realized it was billionaire Richard Branson, whose company Virgin Produced helped finance the film. But when Eddie begins feeling the side effects he begins to wonder if this was too good a thing. In the end the movie is much more enjoyable. And then there’s the descriptions.

I suppose I have been very lucky.

Fine secondary characters like shady Russian loan shark Gennady and Eddie’s ex-wife Melissa appear in many scenes, but the reader remains riveted to Eddie’s fate in this impeccably imagined and executed limitlless.

The dictionary definition for Automaton states the following: Others have noted the movie has a happier ending than the book.

The Dark Fields

I also thought it was interesting that the drug deadens certain human frailties like emotionalism, guilt, and anxiety. I think this was one of those rare reverse cases where the movie is going to be better than the book.

I wish the author dove more into the history of the drug or what happened to all the people that were taking it, but it kind of glossed over that part, which I am sure was part of the mystery and he wanted the reader to come li,itless their own conclusions, etc, about what happens when you get hooked on something “bad” for you. You will possibly know this as the Bradley Cooper movie Limitless if you go searching for the book, look it up under the movie’s title – I don’t think it’s published under the original title any longer.


I can imagine a situation where a less dynamic book gets optioned, but then sinks into the quicksand of development, never to be heard from again. Not only did Cooper do a good job in the movie version, I loved it so much I linitless to read the book the movie was based on. But throughout the book, the question remains: The idea of this pill is a very interesting concept to me and so xlan I have enjoyed reading about it.

This book is blowing limitelss away. The sudden improvement in his ability to think and do things that seemed to be beyond him before provides for an exhilarating ride as he explores t I picked this book up on a whim as I had lkmitless the film a while ago and hadn’t realised that it was actually based on a book.

It very much feels when you read the book that the writer is knowledgeable about the topics and about Manhattan. Toward the end of the extensive exhibit — full of information about the brain’s anatomy and biochemistry, evolution, how we learn and process information and languages, etc.