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It can be explained with reference to three fundamental postulates: I am going to read this book. And it was strange that by a freak of fortune my heart was disinclined, my will ever averse, and my disposition repugnant to conventional learning and the ordinary courses of instruction.

Abul Fazal: Author of Akbarnama

He did not believe completely in a classless society. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Wkbarnama ancestral background, religious and social outlook had significantly shaped the creation of Akbarnama and Ain, in the way they are. The Mughal empire was never again at its glory as it was during the reign of Akbar.

He started writing this Akbarnama at the age of 36 years. Our recent titles are available via Edelweiss.

At the Ibadatkhana he came into contact with Hindu philosophers like Madhusudan, RamTirth and others. He was endowed with a prodigious memory.

Akbarnama – Wikipedia

Generally I could not understand them. Book V consists of a chapter comprising the wise sayings of Akbar, a conclusion and a short autobiographical sketch of Abdul Fazl. At the age of seven I became the treasurer of my father’s stores of knowledge and a trusty keeper of the jewels of hidden meaning and as a serpent, guarded the treasure.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Very little is known about the writer of this Akbarnama. It is divided into two parts. The whole of Akbarnamabeing circumscribed by its own character, generally lacks in incidental reference to men and manners outside the narration of political events centred around the person, and the court of Akbar.


Khizr’s death and a famine and plague that ravaged Nagaur caused great hardship to the destitute Mubarak and his mother.

Navaratnas of Akbar’s royal court and the brother of Faizithe poet laureate of emperor Akbar. The Persian text, presented in the Naskh script, is based on a careful reassessment of the primary sources. Thanks for telling us about the problem. In fact fzal role of Abul Fazl as a historian has been the subject of controversy among scholars.

In the serene hours of morning, with a little reflection, I discovered the beginnings and endings of each fragment and conjecturally penned a draft text which I transcribed on the paper. It is famous for its rich statistical details about things as diverse as crop yields, prices, wages and revenues. Abul Fazl’s father, Nagul fazl [3] was born in at Nagaur.

In fact Abul Fazl may be regarded as a pioneer in the field of collection and utilization of statistical data for the purpose of historical study. The Ain-i-Akbari was completed in the 42nd regnal year, but a slight addition was made to it in the 43rd regnal year on the account of the conquest of Berar.

Retrieved from ” https: Before these points had been elucidated and the attribution to me of extreme ignorance had passed to that of transcendent knowledge, I had taken objection to ancient writers, and men learning my youth, dissented, and my mind was troubled and my inexperienced heart was in agitation. This plagiaristic trait in him has been noticed by Jarret. But Abul Fazl does not say anything about his mother.

He came to Akbar’s court in and was influential in Akbar’s religious views becoming more liberal into the s and s. Among them, however, Shaykh Abul Fazl occupied a place of distinction and has left his mark on the traditions of historical wrings in medieval India. It also provides valuable information regarding the siege and capture of Asirgarh.


For ten years longer I made no distinction between night and day, teaching and learning, and recognised no difference between satiety and hunger, nor discriminated between privacy and society, nor had I the akkbarnama to dissever pain from pleasure.

Many examples may be quoted where Abul Fazl fails his duty as a historian. According to the Abul Fazl Humayuan, the second Mughal emperor and Akbar’s father, is praying to the Ka’ba, an islamic holy place, for a successor to the Mughal empire. This section does not cite any sources. Mubarak established his madrash in Agra where his special field of instruction was philosophy and he attracted a number of scholars to akbarnamz lectures such as Mulla Abdul Qadir Badauni.

He also spent some time in Badaun, holy land of Sufism. The first volume of Akbarnama deals with the birth of Akbarthe history of Timur ‘s family and the reigns of Babur and Humayun and the Suri sultans of Delhi. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Zehra Unnisa rated it it was amazing Dec 03, An Account of the Author, pp. Through out his life, he eagerly and sincerely yearned to study the problems of different religious and did not rely upon any preconceived notion and accepted postulates. Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage.

Either shame made me hesitate or I had not the power of expression. Abul Fazal, like his father also came into several conflicts with the ulemas. If the dominant note of his political chronicles is political expediency, his letters have a thoroughly humanistic approach.