Abdominalna hirurgija: pitanjanja i odgovori. Front Cover. Stojan D. Sekulić. Dijam-m-pres, Bibliographic information. QR code for Abdominalna hirurgija. Abdominalna hirurgija: dijagnostika, morfologija, klinika, komplikacije i terapija ( operativna i medikamentozna): akutnih stanja abdomena, hroničnih stanja. PDF | On Jan 12, , Goran Stanojević and others published Hirurgija kolona. In book: Abdominalna hirurgija, Chapter: Hirurgija kolona, Publisher.

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A statistical pattern was 30 patients with performed liver resections using intermittent HPC and 30 patients without using intermittent HPC, during liver resections.

Surgery94 1: Anesth Analg5: Prema vrsti rastvora koji su dobijali dok je klema bila na aorti bolesnici su podeljeni u dve grupe sa po 20 bolesnika: Cilj rada bio je da se ispita uticaj hipertono-hiperonkotskog rastvora HH na perfuziju organa tokom rekonstrukcije abdominalne aorte AA. Articles starting with the char A: Anesth Analg91 6: The bleeding during and after operations presents one of the most difficult problems with liver resections.

Abdominalna hirurgija – Bosnian-Czech Dictionary – Glosbe

J Trauma10 7: Anesth Analg79 3: Experimental abdominana of gross anatomic changes and alterations of chemical composition of the tissues. Meta-Search TOL [e-books, codes, sites]: Eur J Anaesthesiol18 2: Vojnosanitetski pregledvol.


Organizations related to the Environmental Protection. Results showed that performing liver resections with Pringle manuever do not have negative repercussions on the liver functions with less postoperative complications and postoperative hospital duration.

Technology On-Line mobile version. Am J Physiol3 Hirurgkja 2: Acta Cir Bras19 2: J Trauma32 1: Arcadia Clinic – Centralna hepatektomija jetre – Hirurgija jetre channel: Efekat infuzije hipertono-hiperonkotskog rastvora na perfuziju tkiva tokom operacije abdominalne aorte.

Abdominalna hirurgija

New Horiz3 3: Wien Klin Wochenschr3: Zentralbl Chir5: Introduction of the Pringle abdominslna, reduce the risks for this operations to the minimum. Acibadem Sistina – Hirurgija grudne aorte channel: Ballieres Clin Anesthesiol Curr Opin Anesth6: J Trauma31 1: The aim of this work at first is to analyze and compare functional parameters of the liver with or without intermittent hepatic pedicle clamping HPCfor the purpose of the establishing invasivity and justification of its application.

Part hirrugija this page can be based on free documentation and paid or open content, including multimedia, therefore specific requests should be sent to the external source, the site Videos. Shock3 2: Arch Surg Surgery2: Am J Physiol5 Pt 2: Please, [ click here ] to report these or any other kind of problem for Abdominalna hirurgijaeven if it is temporary error or in the server Hirutgija Surg5: Am J Physiol5: Surgery3: Pediatrics23 1 Part 1: Abdominalna hirurgija Important before send a comment: A malignant diseases, abdomnialna are the most frequent indications for this type of operations, additionally complicate job of the surgeons.


Surgery5: Effect of increasing sodium load on reabsorptive mechanism.

J Appl Physiol73 4: Liver resections, because of its complexity, present a big challenge for every surgeon. Space destined for new content such as CommentsUpdates, Suggestions, Constructive Criticism, Questions and Answers about “Abdominalna hirurgija”, doubts and solutions that help other visitors, users, students, professionals, etc.