The verdict ends a long ordeal of the Noida-based dentist couple who were found guilty by a Ghaziabad CBI court on November 26, and. CBI has received the judgement copy of Aarushi Talwar murder case in which the Allahabad HC mentioned that there are no enough evidence. prosecution under reference pertains to the murder of Aarushi Talwar, of the well- known Aarushi Talwar murder case, where the parents were being tried.

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No evidence clearly shows an individual role of either Rajesh or Nupur in the crime. Aarushi’s body lay undisturbed on the bed, and the bed sheet judgemejt laid out smoothly. An expert from FSL Gandhinagar as well as a team of experts from CFSL concluded that the drag mark on the roof resulted from a blood-soaked body being dragged iudgement being kept in a bed sheet. Vishnu was taken into custody, along with former servants of the Talwars.

I wnt do it again n I kinda noe hw u r feelin. Read the Judgment Here. It took them 10 minutes to read out the verdict which acquitted the Talwars of the double murder at their home in Noida near Delhi in The juegement sequence of events between midnight and 6 am on 16 May is not clear.

Rajesh also stated that his friend Ajay Chadda and his wife Nupur had found a golf club in the loft of their residence, aafushi the loft was being cleaned a year after the murders.

Talwars charged with murder, conspiracy and destruction of evidence.

2008 Noida double murder case

Sharma, Sethi and two others dragged the mattress to his terrace. Praful Durrani, who also visited the house, claimed that the policeman initially dismissed the spot on the terrace door as rust, and was also dismissive of the bloodstains on the floor. They wrapped his body in a bed sheet and dragged him to the terrace.

What happened in the flat? The fingerprints on the bloodstained Scotch whisky bottle could not be identified. When they entered the room, they saw Aarushi’s dead body lying on her bed.


However, on the night of 15 May, her mobile phone was inactive after 9: Thadarai and Mandal followed jdugement. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: Ritcha Saxena the wife of Dr. After the discovery of Hemraj’s body, the case attracted public attention as a bizarre whodunit.

Aarushi Talwar murder case: Key evidences that caught attention

According to the Talwars, by this time, Rajesh also woke up. Judge,ent thus concluded that Aarushi’s private parts appeared to have been cleaned after she died.

Aarushi Talwar found dead in her bedroom. The Talwars’ defence lawyer later claimed aarusui Krishna Thadarai was working in judgemejt Noida clinic at that time. The Time of India. The judgement also read “Trial judge should exercise self-restraint from deliberately twisting facts in arbitrary aqrushi and should refrain from recording finding on strength of wrong premise by virulent and meandering reasoning.

The CBI ultimately concluded that the original sample was that of Aarushi, but it had become contaminated. Pandey 26 May When the car was sent for servicing before the murdersthe driver Umesh Sharma placed them in Hemraj’s room.

Unlike Aarushi’s body, which had undigested food in the stomach, Hemraj had just 25 ml of liquid in his stomach, indicating that he did not have dinner.

Aarushi Talwar murder case: Key evidences that caught attention | India News, The Indian Express

Hemraj, Thadarai and Rajkumar were all of Nepali origin, and had been recruited through Vishnu, the ex-servant of the Talwars. After arriving at the house, Gautam examined the rooms of Aarushi and Hemraj.

Around midnight, Aarushi’s friend Anmol tried calling Aarushi on her mobile and then on the family’s landlinebut there was no response. An old lady then told him to put the mattress on the neighbouring terrace. Rajesh and Nupur later resumed their journey to Haridwar and returned the same day. He also stated that her vaginal orifice was “unduly large”, the mouth of her cervix was visible and the whitish discharge was confined to the vagina, when it should have spread to the “entire area”.


Verdict likely to be delivered at 2: He also stated that he had not suggested presence of three people in the room, based on the state of the mattress. So, the other men took him to the terrace and killed him. Rajesh’s golf club was possibly used as the weapon, but no DNA or bloodstain could link it to the crime. Sharma saw Nupur and Aarushi near the dining table, and Rajesh coming out of his bedroom.

On the same day, Gurdarshan Singh organized a press conference. Nupur switched on the router and returned judgemwnt her own room. Nilabh Kishore questioned the Talwars at his Dehradun office on 18—19 May L Jalvayu Vihar in Noida on the morning of May 16, The judges of the Allahabad High Court arrived at 2. Tandon then locked the terrace door.

Dinesh then showed him the blood stains on the terrace door handle. Rajesh also told him that he had caxe to lock his own bedroom door from inside, and someone could have stolen the key to Aarushi’s room from his room.

Aarushi murder case: no conclusive evidence against parents, says Allahabad High Court – The Hindu

Cawe person asked him to take blood samples among other samples, and Dohre replied that he would do whatever he felt was required. However, there was no blood on the toys, the schoolbag and the pink pillow kept on the back of the bed.

The High Court in its judgement has categorically mentioned that there are no enough evidence against Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar.

Youth attacks Rajesh Talwar with meat cleaver”.