A Wagner Matinée. By WILLA SIBERT CATHER. I RECEIVED one morning a letter, written in pale ink, on glassy, blue-lined note-paper, and bearing the. In A Wagner Matinee by Willa Cather we have the theme of hardship, struggle, isolation, loss, gratitude and connection. Taken from her The. Regionalism and Local Color. A Wagner Matinee. Short Story by Willa Cather did you know? Willa Cather • had such a sharp memory for mannerisms.

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There is a pleasant irony involved in the fact that Miss Cather became a popular writer when she quit trying to be cahher, when she no longer consciously tried to adapt her work to public taste.

This story also contains such beautiful use of imagery. On the plains of the great Midwest, sturdy and creative men and women joined themselves with the fertile soil and brought forth a kind of new Eden wherein fallen man seemed to be able once again to unite with the raw material of the earth and create something beautiful and enduring.

Clark, on the other hand, appears to serve as a mouthpiece, to a certain degree, for Cather’s views on frontier life and the apparent superiority cxther city living.

Springer shows Georgiana by hiding any surprise she might wahner had at Georgiana’s bedraggled appearance. The most striking thing about her physiognomy, however, was an incessant twitching of the mouth and eyebrows, a form of nervous disorder resulting from isolation and monotony, and from frequent physical suffering.

A Wagner Matinee by Willa Cather

She burst into tears and sobbed pleadingly, “I don’t want to go, Clark, I don’t want to go! Her interference wagnet actually beneficial to the volume, however, since the substitution of “Flavia and Her Artists” provided its strongest structuring element. The authors explore the impacts of events such as the Gold Rush, the purchase of Alaska, and the U. The reader views Georgiana’s likely regret through the filter of Clark’s observations. Of all Cather’s early stories, perhaps it is in “A Wagner Matinee,” wzgner of the seven stories in The Troll Gardenthat Cather most dramatically explores the plight of the sensitive and artistic person who finds himself in a restrictive if not oppressive environment.


As a young woman, Georgiana had been a talented wllla teacher at the Boston Conservatory until, during a trip to the Green Mountainsshe met Howard Carpenter, ten years her junior. Dec 15, Anna rated it liked it.

There is a good deal of evidence to indicate that Miss Mtainee regretted nearly all her early work. Through Clark’s characterization of his aunt’s appearance and preoccupations, Cather underscores the notion that life on the Nebraskan prairie is devouring Georgiana spiritually and mentally.

Population density remains heaviest in the eastern half of the country, with the exception of select regions along the Willla Coast and in southwestern portions of the United States.

He followed her to Boston and eventually they got married and moved to Nebraska. During the second half of the concert, Aunt Georgiana weeps repeatedly. Such is the insatiability of her hunger—like Laura’s for the enticing fruits in “Goblin Market”—that she takes no interest in the actual life remaining to her, but only in the life she might have had.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. In the first paragraphs Clark, the narrator, awaits the arrival of his Aunt Georgiana, a woman whose early life as a music teacher in Boston had been drastically changed by her wagnwr with Howard Carpenter and their subsequent life on the Nebraska frontier. Willa Cather conveyed to readers the awareness of the beauty of music.

He wagnrr upon her disfigured appearance just prior to discussing the respect he has for her. Hence immediately before pulling the trigger, Peter breaks his violin over his knee and comments: I reminded myself of the impression made on me by the clean profiles of the musicians, the gloss of their linen, the dull black vy their coats, the beloved shapes of the instruments, the patches of yellow light thrown by the green-shaded stand-lamps on the smooth, varnished bby of the ‘cellos and the bass viols in the rear, the restless, wind-tossed forest of fiddle necks and bows; I recalled how, in the first orchestra Cathr had ever heard, those long bow strokes seemed to draw the soul out of me, as a conjurer’s stick reels out paper ribbon from a hat.

Her first novel, Alexander’s Bridgeappeared inand it was soon followed by the two highly acclaimed novels O Pioneers! During her vacation in Nebraska, where her ancestors had lived for generations, she met a boy who became her friend. He observes that the wind and alkaline water have yellowed her skin so that it is like that of a “Mongolian’s. He regards her in the same way that explorers are viewed when they return to civilization with missing limbs.


Short Story Analysis: A Wagner Matinee by Willa Cather – The Sitting Bee

And, more important, a picture much less interesting than the actuality. The version of the story, in contrast with the version, compares Georgiana’s appearance when getting off the train to that of a burned body. To Georgiana, meanwhile, he ascribes no ability whatsoever to appreciate the scene before her. At the same time, Clark remembers warmly the way Georgiana tutored him when he lived with her as a youth.

Magee treats some of the controversial aspects of Wagner’s life but focuses more intently on the cathher, structure, and influence of Wagner’s music.

Story of the Week: A Wagner Matinée

Nathan rated it liked it Nov 08, Neither goblins ny trolls, after all, are figures that usually evoke trust, and the trolls of Kingsley’s parable are in fact considerably more sinister than Cather’s elided quotation would indicate. One lost the contour of faces and figures, indeed any effect of line whatever, and there was only the color contrast of bodices past counting, the shimmer and shading of fabrics soft and firm, silky and sheer, resisting and yielding: Clark finds his answer: Cather uses the symbol of Peter’s violin in order to enhance the story’s theme and intensify the emotion: There is no light or brightness in her life.

Although “A Wagner Matinee” is set in Boston, the story is at its core about life on the western frontier.

This communication, worn and rubbed, looking as though it had been carried for some days in a coat-pocket that was none too clean, was from my Uncle Howard.