A grammar of Manichean Sogdian [Ilya Gershevitch] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Abstract. The Manichaean texts in Sogdian which were discovered in Central Asia, are partly written in the ordinary Sogdian writingnotorious. Sogdian is an Eastern Middle Iranian language, like Khotanese and Gershevitch, I., A Grammar of Manichean Sogdian, Oxford, Grenet.

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To include a comma in your tag, surround the tag with double quotes. This also happens in Man. However, in view of the analogous development in Pasto Geiger, Gdr. M d 3, prSnxyl, PI. Lett, ii 16, not clear; B. In the following list, if no other Past stem is given, only the one in -at is attested. Waag has studied the use of these particles in Chr. M ii V 3; fiyrt’k’n 2 PL, ‘you will obtain’ M i 4 ; pymk’n ‘we shall be ‘ M10 gammar prst’ymk’n, v.

Lett, iii 9, B. TiiD 66, 1, 3, Chr. With some words it may lie in a special function attached to the suffix. Sogdien langue — Grammaire. ZsSfiry nyy’s- M R 8 sq. Henning now adds ptfyb- ‘to know, recognize’ cf.


Potentialis was made up with ‘let- ‘to become’. A final -n of the stem is sometimes dropped before c, cf.

On x’t used as a particle for the Subjunctive, v. ST i zu w, and in the suffix Man.

Full text of “Gershevitch, Ilya, A Grammar Of Manichean Sogdian”

G 33, which may be Imperfect ; in B. Lett, syth, are used in dates ggammar the days of the month, cf. In the case of Man. Henning’s explanation manivhean based on the fact that -ika- is the ordinary Feminine of -aka- stems in Sanskrit cf.

Indefinite pronouns and adverbs Morgenstierne, XTflD ii ; B. SkwrS ‘difficult’, against OPers. Apart from the Inchoatives used for the Present Passive v.

Comparative and Superlative B Stems with two brief vowels not in positione. LW yavd joint H. Lett, iii 23 sq.

SOAS Research Online

The last two, however, may be 3 Sg. Tedesco, ZII ii 40 ; cf. Sutra 36, against Man. ZKwh wyrnwh P 2, P’ym VJ 8’01 ; S.

In both cases, how- ever, the loss of the first r may be dissimilatory.


A Grammar of Manichean Sogdian – Ilya Gershevitch – Google Books

Spmbn ‘ lady, wife ‘ M3: Ti;ptyw’fnd 3 PL, ‘to weave’, v. Since replacement is not found with progressive metathesis, one may consider the cases of replacement by regressive metathesis as ex- 1 [Chr. The Perfectum Praesens Lett, ii 15, ii qmbyy xxx ’28 ‘, v. Lett, ii 40 ptxwsl zyt ‘he was killed’ cf.

A grammar of Manichean Sogdian

Henning has added B. Sogdian language — Syntax.

Philological Society Great Britain. Hansen has thus explained B. Only in “stw ‘I have taken’ Man. This formation does not occur in Man. Present Classes and Corresponding Past Stems. Old Iranian w Avestan v eogdian Lentz, ST ii cMan.

Despite the favourable circumstances in which the book was com- posed, today, nearly ten years after its completion, I cannot help viewing it with some misgivings.