80C N80C Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for integrated circuits (ic), semiconductors. Interfacing the PSD with the 80C, with One READ input. (the address is given on the back page of this data sheet) or other distribution. Part Number, 80C Manufacturer, Intel. Short Description, N80C Long Description, (DataSheet:) PRELIMINARY 8XCSA/SB/SP/SQ.

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Intel products are not intended for use in medical, life saving, or life sustaining applications. But, also inIntel notified they discontinue all automotive versions of their microcontrollers, including Intel addressed the problem by introducing 80C One of the first such derivative by Intel was the 80C51FAwhich introduced the programmable counter array PCA and was a otherwise.

Maximum clock is 11MHz, but an instruction cycle takes 15 oscillator clocks.

(PDF) 80C251 Datasheet download

Characteristics Parameter values apply to all devices unless otherwise indicated. In the top-range models, the clocking is as high as MHz, being the fastest s around.

When I asked for some historical recollections on those 80c2251, I received a copy of a datasheet, dated and marked “preliminary”. 80c2251 romless part was a bit surprisingly marked probably most of the parts sold as romless were parts with unusable ROM, due to error in the “programmed” firmware.

The original clock instruction cycle scheme is obviously inefficient and also the technology progressed enough to achieve higher clock rates than datasyeet original dstasheet. In the 90s, Atmel introduced a derivative of the 89C51 with Flash code memory, enabling fast erasure and reprogramming. There are derivatives suitable for extreme applications – high temperature, radiation hardened. Philips on the other hand employed source-compatibility for its XA family, which seems to be adequate for most of the applications, where legacy code has to be maintained or parallel development with is needed; and poses little constraint on the chip design itself.


InIntel introduced the successor tothe When the was accepted widely enough, some of the applications started to grow and soon required more power than the even with enhancements could provide.

Intel provided all the needed initial tools and support with the – assembler, application notes, example software, in-circuit emulator.

Download datasheet Kb Share this page. Besides that, Atmel introduced also 89C with decreased pin count and price. Later, the manufacturers rolled out their own derivatives and variants with varying marking – there is no real standard in it although there are some idiosyncrasies present in the marking datahseet most manufacturers. Intel had it’s 80C linebut it seemed a good idea to provide a more natural migration path by creating a bit version of There are probably much more examples around, but most of them never get public.

The already had a lot of useful features known well to users: Unfortunately, it was produced as ROMless only. My datssheet go to the Datashest of the first applications of was datassheet a gaming console Magnavox Odyssey2but there were also more “serious” applications, for example in one of the first car engine “computerized” control units.

Elcodis is a trademark of Elcodis Company Ltd. This approach allows to use an unmodified core, which speeds up the chip development and decreases the chance for error; also the ASIC could be breadboard-prototyped in this form easily. The first derivative addressing this in a radical way is the now legendary Dallas 80c51 Copy your embed code and put on your site: The “extended” version – with and came 3 years later and featured besides 8kb ROM and b RAM also an extra bit timer.

(Datasheet) 80C pdf – ( DataSheet : ) PRELIMINARY 8XCSA/SB/SP/SQ HI N80C (1-page)

Values change depending on operating conditions and application requirements. The is a sound mcu core with rich history. Today, there are many derivatives with sped-up cores available. Today, virtually all manufacturers produce derivatives with Flash, most of them able to be programmed via some few-pin serial interface called in-situ programming ISPSPI-style or UART-style and the higher-end versions also able to reprogram themselves in-application programming, IAP. Pin compatibility was not maintained, but it was not a real issue.


The MCS family was used in a quite wide range of applications. It enabled to use the production-grade chip in development, and enabled the chips used in the product to be reprogrammed when upgrade or a bugfix was needed, cutting down costs. Well, I expected something else – but thanks for that, too.

I came to ‘s quite late, so I can’t remember most of its history.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without the express written permission of CPUShack. It may come as a surprise to somebody, but thanks to this fact the with its derivatives is most probably the most widespread microcontroller at all.

80c251 datasheet pdf

InIntel introduced its first microcontroller, Connect this pin to ground GND Secondary All in all, the bit versions of gained far less popularity than the and are less widespread. The specifications are subject to change without notice. Soon, FB and FC continued, with more and more code memory. Intel and the licensees soon realized that is a nice core that can be embedded in various ASIC chips to perform setup and datassheet tasks.

It brought down the to the masses – the small “garage” companies and hobbyists. Intel introduced a single-chip processor, thein As for peripherals, second timer was added and both were extended to 16 bits with multiple modes including 8-bit autoreload modeand an UART which was a luxury that many lower-end microcontrollers didn’t have even a couple of years ago.