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This will also halp Turkey to be a leader country on pipeline security in the region.

Kamu Düzeni ve Güvenlik Hizmetleri Müdürlüğü

In those regions, there had been 20 theft events until September and thieves and their tankers had been seized, securing 75 tons of fuel. Today, after proper arrangements, these stations have not only been ,anun for protecting their respective pipelines, bu also cross-used for protecting other pipeline that intersect neigboring pipleines.

On demands requested from kahun and private facilities, with respect to security and safety measures and needs, employment of prvate security companies, establishment knaun new security units are done by this commision. Strategically looking into the subject, one can easliy grasp that, although there are numerous analyses regarding to the security of pipelines, structrure and methods of attaining physical and substantial security of the pipelines has often been overlooked.

In other words, main purpose of this exercise is to form a joint understanding of security among participating parties within BTC.

Today, JGK plays the main role inside the security policies of Turkey including pipeline security. Of those countries Russia has the longest kkanun routes. Security issue of the pipelines should be considered within this complexity.


Although these meeting are done by means of BTC security protocol and contributes the system profoundly, main responsibility of the security lies to JGK. This study focuses on the issues which are thought to be missing and therefore have to be restored in the area knaun pipeline security in the current and future Turkish pipeline projects.

Security is an expensive and a challenging service.

Iran pipeline, in particular, has become a major taarget for the attacks. In this framework a national and corparate security concept should be designed and implemented in Turkey. For this reason both polically and economically pipeline 51888 issue is recently being discussed within energy and security environment.

In the regions west of Sivas, pipeline security has been considered within the general county security concept of police department and Gendermarie. One other BTC member, Georgia, has a private security force to protect pipelines in the country. Log In Sign Up.

Transfer of energy through its soil to the western markets is one the advantages it might get in the coming years. This pipeline was inagurated in Julyafter the accord that was kajun between these countries in Law article 6 defines the execution of pipeline security as: Therefore, it is also preferred to thoroughly understand and evaluate the present applications of security issues on the functioning pipelines today.

This new security structure should not be an alternative option to current system, it should be regarded as an optimization study of the functioning pipeline security system.

Pipeline Security in Turkey | MELIH BASDEMIR and Mitat Celikpala –

By way of this institution, it might be developed that a more technology based and more comprehensive pipeline security system utilizing 24 hour fiber-optics survelliance and a technology based function rather than human based one. Otherwise fulfillment of this advantage will be far and away. Among alternative pipeline security methods, reconissance and surveliance UAVs, fiber optic cable operated pipelines, physical optimization and reinforcement studies, carbon-fiber coating, fast repair teams, may be counted.


Its construction is expected to be completed by with 31 bcm of natural gas annual tarnsfer. For this reason a new legal work should be established considering the example of USA. Means of obtaining authorization for private security agencies are outlined in Law article 3: In other words, these posts are no different from the other security posts established in the other areas of Turkey by JGK, being the concept of operation is the same. Nevertheless, these pipelines, lying vast plains or uninhabitated regions, are highly susceptible to terrorist attacks, thefts, sabotages, and vandalism.

In rhe US mostly civilian corporations provide security to the pipelines. With the current pipeline security structure, JGK which actually fulfills its security duty, does not have a seperate budget 55188 is spared only for pipeline security.

Furthermore in order to take the burden of security forces, security service buying kabun private corporations should be examined. In fact there are applications on other sectors by means of this method, in other words, private security corporations are seriously engaged in sensitive installations such as airports, shopping centers, and even in public offices.