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This will requires an unprecedented, comprehensive, effective and giving upmost priority to security point of view.

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On the other hand, Turkey has already a secure pipeline network that stretches from east to west and north to south that satisfies the need of oil and natural gas totaling km. This force named Special State Protection Service with special and civilian security guards that only fulfill the responsibility of pipeline security.

Log In Sign Up. In addition to this general state frame, government local officals such as governor, mayor and district government head officers are also regarded in the security system, kanunn this system is 1588 for the general security, not for pipline security or any other infrastructural security issue. Studies of aerial UAV and kahun cost-effective survelliance syetems by means of seamless technology have to be finalized.

Pipeline Security in Turkey.

In order to eliminate this burden, one may suggest that a separate budget lanun be spared for pipeline security from the state annual budget. From the information leaned by the securtiy officials, although protocols serve to protect the pipelines, there is still lack of solid coordination between the operating parties, uncertainities in the legal structure of the pipelines, and protocols do not give a way to develop a serious mean the methods applied for kankn the security of pipelines.

Therefore, it is also preferred to thoroughly understand and evaluate the present applications of security issues on the functioning pipelines today.

tarihli Resmi Gazete

Therefore, a separate budget from the treasury should be spared only for pipeline security, this budget should be used by kkanun security institution, sepending of this budget kkanun be inspected, thus a cost-effective security system ought to be devised.


There have been some serions oanun reports that this incident might be a technical safety issue for mishandling the facility. This management doest not allow a separate security kajun within this BIL structure, in other words, BIL security management is only an administrative foundation to guide Turkish guarantee about security and pave the way for better solutions to question of security.

Additional security requirements of pipelines and their facilities i. Some of those attacks are claimed to be performed by PKK Majority of the attacks took place in the southeastern regiona of Turkey. Employing private and institutional security organizations will also decrease these costs. Still there are some leaps on this technological measures. For example, to establish a security structure similar to Georgia is not easy in Turket due to legal applications, knun, there is still a way by activating the mechanism of City Security Councils, which is very impracticle.

When we look at the 25 year implications of the protocols sinceonly in Iran- Turkey pipeline 5 sabotage attacks have been experienced. This pipeline was inagurated in Julyafter the kannun that was signed between these countries in Remember me on this computer. This will also halp Turkey to be a leader country on pipeline security in the region.

Pipeline transfer of natural gas has become very favorable, owing to its tarnsfer utility and cost effectiveness aspects. Furthermore in order to take the burden of security forces, security service buying from private corporations should be examined.

Within this framework, current pipeline security measures and kanuun are examined, missing and contemporary articles are discussed and new arguments and a unique model are introduced in this study. Energy Ministery Counsellor Mr. In addition to these stations, 33 other mobile security teams are in charge of pipeline protection.

Among the pipelines in Turkey security of BTC has a special role. This feasbile transfer may be subjected to terrorist attacks, sabotages, vandalism acts and petrol thiefness.

Pipelines and its facilities should be reinforced with technologically supported physical sanctions. Iran pipeline, in particular, has become a major taarget for the attacks. The issue of maintaining pipeline security becomes much more interesting by kajun newer pipeline routes and projects. For this reason, new alternative initiatives should be encouraged within coordination of JGK in order to enhance and optimize pipeline security system.


Furthermore, Law permits the Security Coordination Council, under the City Governor, to maintain security by means of private corporations. With wider and longer pipelines, Russia launched a new initative of security recently while it had not considered the pipeline security noticable sowing to abundance of supplies and lack of of 588 reception.

This in fact is a very costly impilcation, yet it may prevent many assaults on the pipelines saving prestige of Turkey on security. For this reason a new legal work should be established considering the example of USA. To give another figure annual income of the route is estimated around 1 billion US dollars.

For this reason both polically and economically pipeline security issue is recently being discussed within energy and security environment.

Pipeline Security in Turkey | MELIH BASDEMIR and Mitat Celikpala –

For example, some stations which are installed for the protection of BTC also have an area of responsibility for securing Iran-Turkey natural gas pipeline. Security service procurement might be another option to meet pipeline security needs. One other issue is JGK personnel working in the security posts. For instance, they highly work in Mexican border and Iraqi pipelines under the approval of the US government.

Security issue 5188 the pipelines should be considered within this complexity.

Bu tabloda 10 km. Pipeline security system depends mainly on the JGK military personnel who are assigned for 2 years as an average and have no special experince on pipeline security.

Security stations that are installed in the eastern provinces aim to provide security and safety of the pipelines.

Transfer of energy through its soil to the western markets is one the advantages it might get in the coming years. In our modern age, physical protection of pipeline security should not be always done by the manpower.

In order to minimize kkanun and vandalism acts, it is highly vital to take legal action and promote heavy sentences for those who commit these crimes.