Hacker exam may be taken on the last day of the training (optional). Students need to pass the online exam to receive CEH certification. Certification. Number of Questions: ; Test Duration: 4 Hours; Test Format: Multiple Choice; Test Delivery: ECC EXAM, VUE; Exam Prefix: (ECC EXAM), ECCouncil TestKing’s Certified Ethical Hacker () PassGuide 50_,Q&A ECCouncil Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures.

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Computer-Based Social Engineering Computer-based social engineering attacks can include the following: Implement firewalls that prevent internal systems from being scanned by blocking ping sweeps and port-scanning tools such as nmap. In addition, multiple people can log into the rootkit at once.

John the Ripper is a command-line tool designed to crack both Unix and NT passwords. Understanding Keyloggers and Other Spyware Technologies If all other attempts to gather passwords fail, then a keystroke logger is the tool of choice for hackers.

This report details the results of the hacking activity, the types of tests performed, and the hacking methods used. Generally, Administrator accounts have more stringent password requirements, and their passwords are more closely guarded. A benefit of ICMP scanning is that it can be run in parallel, meaning all system are scanned at the same time; thus it can run quickly on an entire network.

The goal of this chapter is to introduce you to the world of the hacker and to define the terms that will be tested on the Certified Ethical Hacker CEH exam.

Vulnerability scanning Vulnerability scanning is the process of proactively filetyle the vulnerabilities of computer systems on a network. You can answer them on your PC or download them onto a Palm device for quick and con- venient reviewing. They were never given any privileged information from the CFO but were able to obtain all the access they wanted through social engineering.


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Having gained unauthorized access, black-hat hackers destroy vital data, deny legitimate users service, and basically cause problems for their targets. For example, a port-scanning tool that identifies port 80 as open indicates a web server is running on that system.

Enumeration Enumeration occurs after scanning and is the process of gathering and compiling usernames, machine names, network resources, shares, and services. SNMP employs two major types of software components for communication: Richard Pacifico Cover Designer: Other information obtained may include identification of the Internet technologies being used, the operating system and hardware being used, active IP addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers, and corporate policies and procedures.

It uses sniffing techniques instead of scanning techniques. The cracked passwords are case insensitive and may not represent the real mixed-case password. KerbCrack consists of two programs: All systems that respond with filetyype ping reply tiletype considered live on the network.

Sometimes, hackers harden the system from other hackers or security personnel by securing their exclusive access with backdoors, rootkits, and Trojans.

SYN stealth scan This is also known as half-open scanning. By identifying open ports, a hacker can usually also identify the services associated with that port number. The first is to use the attrib command.

The following steps are a framework for performing a security audit of an organization: Know the types of enumeration tools. This certification is designed for security officers, auditors, security professionals, site administrators, and anyone who deals with the security of the network infrastructure on a day-to-day basis.

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White hats White Hats are the good guys, the ethical hackers who use their hacking skills for defensive purposes. The best ffiletype against social- engineering attacks is security-awareness training for all employees and security procedures for resetting passwords. The common command switches are listed in Table 3.

The explosion of easy-to-use tools has made hacking easy, if you know which tools to use. It works only with Windows NT 4.

The last two boldface lines show the names of domain name servers. This vulnerability scanner produces an HTML- based report of security issues found on the target system and filetupe information. Active reconnaissance can give a hacker an indication of security measures in place is the front door locked? No software needs to be installed on the remote system.

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Local network A local network hack simulates someone with physical access gaining additional unauthorized access using the local network. Check the file size again it should be the same as in step 3. On the Connection Menu, choose to authenticate. At the command line, enter dir test. First, they did research about the company for two 31-250 before even attempting to set foot on the premises.

The most time-consuming type of attack is a brute-force attack, which tries every possible combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Many attacks are perpetuated via an exploit.