View and Download Polaris Sportsman service manual online. Sportsman Offroad Vehicle pdf manual download. Also for: Sportsman Buy Clymer ATV Manual – Polaris Sportsman , & for only $ at Polaris Sportsman , Polaris Sportsman , Polaris. Polaris Sportsman ATV ServiceRepair Workshop Manual DOWNLOADINSTANT DOWNLOADOriginal Factory Polaris.

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Front Gearcase Transmission The pinion gear must be held securely. Inspect teeth on ratchet pawl A and plunger teeth B for wear or damage. Do not release lever before bleeder screw is tight or air may be drawn into caliper.


If there is any damage or uneven wear, replace the rocker arm. Bushing Drive Tool PN 2.

Install plastic oil deflector. Remove Hilliard clutch assembly. Loosen front output housing pinch bolts. Remove armature from starter casing.

Measured end play will be between. Driven Clutch Puller PN 8. Remove all traces of gasket sealer from the crankcase mating surfaces. Start engine and warm it sporsman to operating temperature about 10 minutes. Support caliper so as not to kink or bend brake line.

Separate crankcase by tapping with a soft faced hammer in reinforced areas. When replacing a damaged boot, check the grease for contamination by rubbing it between two fingers. Fuel System, Fuel Filter – projex inbox.


Float System, Main System – projex inbox. Brake System Service Notes Carburetor Assembly – projex inbox. To replace, press new bearing on to shaft. Visually inspect disc for scoring, scratches, or gouges.

Page 7 – projex inbox. Belt burnt, thin -Abuse continued throttle application when -Caution operator to operate machine within guidelines.

Polaris Sportsman Manual | eBay

Install a new lock ring and install the shaft. Remove caliper mounting bolts and lift caliper off of disc.

Ball Joint Replacement – projex inbox. High Beam Headlight Adjustment – projex inbox. Slide seal off shaft and remove snap ring and shims.

Polaris Sportsman 400 Manuals

Cylinder Head Assembly – projex inbox. Place the bellcranks in neutral so shift fork shafts will engage into the spring loaded detents of case cover. Page 43 – projex inbox. Measure piston pin bore. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it rapidly absorbs moisture. Carburetor Cleaning – projex inbox. The valve seat should contact the middle of the valve face or slightly above, and must be the proper width. Reconnect linkage rods to gear shift selector slides.

Total distance between piston and cylinder wall. Because of the critical nature and precise balance of components within the PVT system, it is absolutely essential that no attempt at disassembly or repair be made without factory authorized special tools and service procedures. Be sure the shift linkage rod ends are firmly attached to the gear selector slides. Remove front output ring gear. There are exceptions in the steering, suspension, and engine areas.


Tap cover with soft face Remove all bolts hammer to remove.

Polaris Sportsman 400 Service Manual

The sportxman post arm bolt B points up; the rod end bolts A point down. Apply starter drive grease to the cam lobes and cam follower surfaces.

Rear Drive Shaft Service – projex inbox. Also, the armature plate must be flat when placed on a flat surface. Page 11 – projex inbox. Cleanliness and following these instructions is very important to ensure proper shaft function and a normal service life. To control clutch engagement Gold RPM. Use the following pages as a guide for troubleshooting. Stretch silent cluster chain tight on a flat surface and measure the length of 8 pitches in a minimum of three places on chain.

Clutch seals should be inspected for damage if repeated leaking occurs. Front Caliper Installation – projex inbox.