rundfunkstaatsvertrag pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for rundfunkstaatsvertrag pdf. Will be grateful for any. European Audiovisual Observatory, Strasbourg .. Around 80 million people in the European Union (about 15% of the total population) are In Germany, neither the Rundfunkstaatsvertrag (Interstate Broadcasting Agreement) nor the. under Article 11f of the Rundfunkstaatsvertrag (Inter-State Agreement on Broadcasting . 15 March , and in December it proceeded to hear sixty bodies.

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» Interstate Broadcasting Agreement (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag) German Law Archive

Article 19 Satellite television service for the ARD and the ZDF 1 The state public service broadcasting corporations forming the ARD may together operate an additional television programme service with a cultural emphasis via satellite; foreign broadcasters, especially from European countries, may take part.

In guidelines or individual cases they may also impose time limits with regard to films to which 15.rundfunkstaatsvertarg Protection of Young Persons in Public Act does not apply or which, 15.eundfunkstaatsvertrag to the Act, are approved for adolescents under 16 years of age in order to allow for the special circumstances of films transmitted by television, especially television series.

All states declare their intention to reduce duplication and multiplication of services in order to secure additional transmission capacities for private 15.rundfunksttaatsvertrag, including those operating on the western line.

These periods may only be included if the regional window programmes are editorially independent and together reach at least 50 per cent of television households nationwide.

Please contact the person specified on the respective page should you have any specific questions.

Interstate Broadcasting Agreement (Rundfunkstaatsvertrag)

Article 55 Rule for Bavaria The Free State of Bavaria is entitled to 15.rundfukstaatsvertrag provision for a proportion of the licence fee pursuant to Article 40 to be used for the financing of tasks of the Bavarian State Agency for New Media under state law within the framework of public service broadcasting.

Where the aforementioned provisions relate to measures by a broadcaster or company to ensure plurality they shall include:.

These Agreements shall remain in force as between the other states. The provisions of general legislation and those protecting personal honour shall be complied with. This does not apply to the communication of accounting data to a broadcaster for debt collection purposes in the event of non-payment after a reminder.


In the case of broadcasts of events and performances containing intervals, advertisements shall only be inserted between the parts or in the intervals. Private broadcasters shall not be financed from television and radio licence fees. Article 35 Supervisory activities to ensure plurality of opinion Article 36 Competency Article 37 Licensing and supervisory procedures Article 38 Supervision in 15.rundfunkstaatavertrag matters Article 39 Field of application Article 40 Financing of special tasks.

The same shall apply to specialised television programmes to the extent that their main focus allows.

rundfunkstaatsvertrag pdf – PDF Files

Provisions on Private Broadcasting Subsection 1: To this end they will be afforded sufficient transmission capacities and access to adequate sources of income. KEK decisions shall be binding on the other organs of the state supervisory authority for private broadcasters.

A record shall be made at the place of search which contains the reasons for as well as the time and place of the search and its outcome which shall also indicate, where no judicial warrant has been issued, the facts which led to the assumption that any delay would be 15.runvfunkstaatsvertrag. Broadcasters shall not act as contracting parties or agents for goods or services. Article 19, paragraph 4, shall remain unaffected. Article 39 Field of application Articles 21 to 38 shall apply only to television programmes transmitted nationwide.

Articles 21 to 38 shall apply only to television programmes transmitted nationwide. Making multiple copies without permission is prohibited.

If they last for thirty minutes or longer the provisions of paragraphs 2 and 3 15.rundfunkstaatscertrag apply. It shall remain possible 15.rundfunkstaatvertrag offer specialised programmes. The person exercising authority over the searched premises or his representative must upon request be provided with a copy of the record mentioned in paragraph 7, third sentence.

The state public service broadcasting corporations forming the ARD, the ZDF, and all broadcasters of programmes which are transmitted nationwide shall each designate a commissioner for the protection of young persons. In this case each state may additionally give notice with effect from the same date within a further three months after receipt of the notice of denunciation pursuant to Article 12, paragraph 2, fifth sentence, as well 15.rundfunkstaatsvertrrag Articles 13 and 17 with regard to individual or all provisions.


Despite having carefully researched the content of external links, DLR assumes no liability over such content. The first sentence shall not apply where the provisions of this Agreement relating to advertising are stricter than the provisions in the country concerned nor where an agreement in this area has been concluded with that country. Agreement on Licence Fees … Article 5: Advertising time which has not been completely used up may be made up for up to a maximum of five minutes on working days.

The denunciation by one state shall not affect the denounced provisions of this Agreement and the agreements referred to in the first sentence in the relationship existing between the other states. Other provisions under state law relating to administrative offences shall remain unaffected.

Surreptitious advertising is the reference to or presentation of goods, services, names, trademarks or activities of a manufacturer of goods or of a supplier of services in programmes when such reference or presentation serves advertising purposes and can mislead the general public as to the real purpose. Article 20 Licensing Article 21 Licensing principles Article 22 Information and investigation Article 23 Public disclosure and similar requirements Article 24 Confidentiality.

Article 29 shall remain unaffected. Article 25 Plurality of opinion, regional windows Article 26 Ensuring plurality of opinion in television Article 27 Viewer ratings Article 28 Attribution of programmes Article 29 Changes 15.rundfunkstaatsvvertrag the ownership structure Article 30 Measures ensuring plurality Article 31 Transmission time for independent third parties Article 32 Advisory Council for Programming Article 33 Guidelines Article 34 Transitional provision.

Commercial broadcasts must be announced as such when they begin and remain so distinguishable throughout. This 15.rundfunkstaatsverrtag contains the regulatory framework for public service and private broadcasting in a dual system of the states in united Germany.