I LOVE THE FEELING!!! There are bap fanfics that broke my small asian heart that made my cry hard so fucking hard for hours. Want to read. Title: Author: Exobubz Length: Two Shot Status: Complete Genre: Romance, Angst Tags: angst fluff romance exo baekhyun chanyeol baekyeol chanbaek. (Yoona is Yeol’s ex in the fic) Highschool/College AU. caused quite a stir in the EXO-fandom. Chapter 4: To be honest, I really did hate Chanyeol in the fic and god, he’s so undeserving of.

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His heart felt weighed down and it had taken him weeks—perhaps a month—to self-diagnose his issue.

: EXO Fanfic REVIEW | Teenlicious Diva

It was hard to imagine and ultimately struck a chord in him. Little midnight sun Status: Sign In Need an account? Filter by post type All posts.

In turn, it irritated Chanyeol, making him cut their call short and call it a night. It took Chanyeol two weeks to come down from his composed cloud to gather up the courage to approach the petite and lively brunet in one of his classes, but it fangic took Baekhyun a second to fangic yes to whatever the handsome tall guy was asking him. Sighing, Baekhyun gave him a concerned look.

One time, they played Monopoly.

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Some days they would watch romantic comedies and other days, fanifc would watch a dramatic family movie that would leave one of them—most of the time, Baekhyun—in tears. Using a translator, he read what Baekhyun had written for him. So it hurts watching you add two more hours of stress onto your day just travelling back and forth. I understand…You should fnfic back some time, though. Sometimes there were stakes. Time was no longer available for leisure.

Log in Sign up. In a way, their little haven was blurred in his memory, replaced by the practical function exk the large one bedroom apartment in the city had to offer: As Chanyeol would sit and look through stacks and stacks of reference books for an upcoming test or quiz in one of his classes, Baekhyun would look over the shoulders of other students, observing exp as he usually did since he was more of an observer than a doer.

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10080 : EXO Fanfic REVIEW

He looked at the time and found that he fanfix on schedule, but with no minute to spare. These two fanfics have change my life, seriously. He knew his mood was in the gutters lately—in fact, for weeks. The distance was one thing.

anyone know where i can read 10080? exo fanfic

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I hate how they become girly and shit on other fics and I think the absence of that is what made Baby’s Breath stand out to me. I planted some nice flowers out in the yard. Figuring that perhaps he was running a little bit late, Baekhyun went on with his day, signing happily for fans and curious onlookers who were interested fannfic getting a book signed by a possibly famous individual.


We need to talk and you letting me just stand out here is wasting time. The first person that came to mind was Chanyeol, his husband and his rock. Has anyone discovered a way to stop crying over this? Your reply will be screened.

He admitted his fault in not allowing Baekhyun the chance to present his case, but ultimately blamed the lack of sleep for causing his sour and disagreeable mood that night.

Baekhyun noticed more because he was the one sitting idly, watching his husband go up in rank and leaving him at the beginning. Log in No account? There are bap fanfics that broke my small asian heart that made my rxo hard so fucking hard for hours.