Logistics/Embarkation Specialist MOS, Basic Landing Support. Specialist MOS Amphibious Ship Load Planner’s (MDI7). Introduction to Amphibious Embarkation (MCI ). Correspondence Procedures (MCI K). Marine Corps Publications and Directives System (MCI B). , Is the Mobility Officer () or Embarkation Officer (non ) assigned Joint Pub Amphibious Embarkation and Debarkation?.

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Any item requiring palletizing that exceeds a length of 20 feet. This box is for unitizing equipment, mobile loading, containerization, and L pallet building. Identify billeting and services available on assigned Military Sealift Command shipping. By its embarkatiin entry on both ends, it can be filled with bulk items or fitted with 36 inserts.

Embarkation Officer Marine Corps MOS 0430 U.S.M.C Military Decal

Because of these stringent standards, inspections of vehicles and equipment will be conducted only amphibiou daylight hours. Steel decked cars transport a wide variety of wheeled assets while wooden decked cars specifically transport steel tracked assets, such as bulldozers. Determining LF requirements for assault shipping. Guard personnel if required.

Day before C-day is N Like Marine Corps base commands, most air stations have transportation, communications capabilities, and other assets and support useful to all commands during deployment.

Working with the ship s department heads, the CCO aboard each ship embarkqtion all LF spaces are available for troop embarkation within 48 hours of notice. Frequency of Airlift Channel Service is flown on a scheduled basis. Local SOP will dictate requirements for identifying changes. The 0403 is then segregated in the holds of specific cargo areas using wire screening or amphibiouss to separate it from materials that have gone ashore. This includes cleaning soil from recessed areas of the decks, such as clover leafs, pad eyes, and tiedown channels, and under shelving from corners and other hard-to-reach areas.

Mobility planning involves determining the throughput requirement the who, what, when, where, and how personnel, materiel, and cargo must move zmphibious support the TPFDD and sustain the force. Before troops embark, a joint inspection of all spaces must be conducted by ship and LF billeting representatives.


Embarkation Officer Marine Corps MOS U.S.M.C. Military Decal

The unit commander has overall responsibility for unit embarkation readiness. Special Requirements Mobility and transportation planners must consider the following: Review the local SOP to determine the correct format.

Requests for SAAMs are characterized as follows: The following are some specifics that will assist in preliminary ULN structuring: Ground Vehicles Cleaning motor vehicles usually consumes the greatest amount of time and causes the most delays. Each ship can discharge cargo pierside or while anchored offshore using lighterage carried aboard. It enables higher headquarters HHQ to assess unit embarkation readiness.

Capability embarkatiom may be identified and manifested on the unit ammphibious garrison database by using an alpha character following the package identification number, such amphibiuos A or B. Each mode has a specific capability to support unit movement. Lift Mode and Source The selected lift mode and source identifies what types of transportation move a embarlation ULN between each movement leg; for example, between point of origin camp, base, or station and POE, POD, or destination assembly area.

See chapter 3 for more details on garrison UDL. The results of the visit will assist. Railhead Cargo and vehicles to be loaded on railcars should be staged at designated railhead staging areas no later than 24 hours prior to desired loading time. Qualified assistants MOS should be assigned early in the planning phase. Tactical and content markings are checked using the garrison UDL. To enhance professional development of personnel, the unit embarkation officer must ensure embarkatiln unit s embarkation specialists have enrolled in or completed the following Marine Corps Institute Qmphibious correspondence courses: Proper coordination must be made with the base or station operations support group via HHQ for portable toilet support.

Qualifications Skills of personnel assigned to plan and supervise air movement operations should be continuously reviewed and evaluated. Vehicle Loading Area The vehicle loading area should be large enough to accommodate buses embatkation tractor trailers. Operations may require connectivity, telephone lines land lines and cellular phone supportvery high frequency radios, and hand-held radio support. Performing unit embarkation officer functions for the embarking Amphibjous support element NSE.


Properly Marked Standard Publication Box. Front, side, and rear body lips.

Marine Corps MOS | MOSDb

Large Aircraft For aircraft that operated from amphubious hard-surface airfield, protected areas, such as wheel wells and around cargo or passenger doors, are cleaned. Prior to the presentation of the aircraft load for joint inspection, the following items should be prepared: Updated the purpose of the landing craft, utility. These items should be listed and certified by letter to the senior inspector to be uncontaminated.

Units will use a unit-assigned four-digit consecutive number system as a package identification number for its boxes, pallet boards, and container markings.

This box has many applications but is primarily used for publications, directives, and unit files. Cargo category codes have many possible character combinations.

Each pallet must be able to withstand inclement weather embarkatikn rough handling. Fold canvas tops and place them in the vehicle storage compartment when required. All ship load planning will be accomplished using the data resident in the unit s UDL. This management system provides visibility of costs embarkatioon the air movement of passengers and cargo.

Unit Embarkation Handbook

Adequate working clearance between the bottom of the vehicle and the ground is essential because the undercarriage of each vehicle must be washed, inspected, and rewashed emmbarkation reinspected if necessary before being allowed off the washrack. Vehicle Loading Site Bonded cargo should be staged at the loading site no earlier than 6 hours before the desired pickup embafkation but no later than 2 hours prior.

The L system consists of a L pallet, two side nets, and one top net see fig. Tracked vehicles may be cleaned on shore only if they can be backloaded without recontaminating the treads. This AMC frequency channel was established to satisfy an ongoing resupply requirement for the Navy.